In MG Valencia we offer a wide range of mosaics, various shapes and colors, fragments, rhombuses, squares, pieces of natural marble or pebble of sea stone. Ideal coatings for interior and exterior walls and floors of your home.


Connecting white

connecting pink

Connecting capuccino

connecting grey

Parquet 5×5 grey

Parquet 5×5 white

Parquet 5×5 light grey

Parquet 5×5 pink & white

Parquet 5×5 white & grey

Parquet 5×5 grey & pink

Parquet 3×3 white

Parquet 3×3 pink

Parquet 10 x 10 white

Parquet 10 x 10 grey

Parquet Brick white

Parquet brick grey

Parquet brick light grey

Pebbles white

Pebbles black

Pebbles brown

Pebbles white & black

Stripe 50 white

Stripe 15 white

Stripe 15 grey & light grey

Stripe 15 AVS

stripe 15 pizarra


Coin white

Coin grey

Coin white & pink

Roseton wheel



Random white

Random white & grey

Random capuccino

hexagonal grey

hexagonal white

hexagonal pink

Pebbles vertical black

pebbles vertical white

Pebbles Earthy green

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