MG Valencia Collection

Our bathroom furniture is simple and elegant, it adapts to all types of bathrooms. A material that resists the passage of time, the authenticity and nobility of the materials make them unique pieces. We respect all styles and strive to present different products.

We hope you enjoy sharing our passion!


Solid Acacia furniture. Furniture and Sinks in STOCK

MGB 801 Furniture de 100
MGB 805 Mirror 100

MGB 802 Furniture de 120
MGB 803 Column
MGB 806 Mirror 120

MGB 800 Furniture de 80
MGB 804 Mirror 80


Furniture in metal and solid Chestnut Furniture and Sinks in STOCK

MG556 Furniture 80
MG553 Mirror 80

MG561 Furniture 80
MG560 Mirror 100

MG555 Furniture 100
MG552 Mirror 100



Lisboa Melamine


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